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Missy is a single mum of a teenaged son, who will be soon leaving for college. Her marriage ended even before it really began. What Missy didn’t realize beforehand was that she had married a violent alcoholic. Missys days now consist of a full time 9ish to 5ish job, which she is rarely punctual for. The overtime she constantly works, helps keep their head just above water. And what little she has, she generally gives to her ex. She’s learnt that it’s easier to give him money here and there, than to deal with the consequences.

Pretty normal life?

So Missy thought, until the night she first lays eyes on James, in the supermarket check out queue. That one look has Missy feeling things she hasn’t felt in a long time. Imagine her surprise when James hands her a business card, telling her, not asking, that she is to meet…

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