Reviewed MASTERED by K.L. SILVER !!!!!



Ever thought about BDSM ? 

This book is unlike any other BDSM i have ever read. It explains the mindset, the emotions of a Dom/Sub relationship. A Submissive is not condescending, rather a treasured and loved possession to her master. The relationship was beautifully explained by the author and gives you a new perspective in the forbidden and misunderstood world of BDSM.

BOOKLATTE Mastered cover

“The submissive is by no means the lesser partner in the relationship, but a full and contributing half. In their own submissive way and from their proper submissive place, of course”

Mastered is the journey of Missy Weaver finding and accepting her true self despite her self-denial for a very long time. Missy is a single mother to teenage Christopher. Missy had always dreamt and thought of being a submissive but never accepted it out loud. She denied herself of it because she feared the notions of the…

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